about us

Mr. Rajkumar sir


“Inspiration behind Value4buy is my father who always led by example. He believed in fair play and justice and instilled the same values in us. It is from him that we learnt the value of money, value of saving, value of education, value of treating everyone with respect.  These values have become part of our persona. When I started this business, the foundations on which I rested it were trust, fair play; value for money and treating customer like king.  I attribute everything including the reputation that I have earned through this business to my father, my role model. He is my biggest inspiration and strength.  The fact that he’s proud of what I do & more important HOW I do is a matter of great honor for me”

About Us

Value4buy’s journey and experience in this field goes back a long way. From being wholesale fruits & vegetable - buying directly from farmers and selling to traders across Nagpur city, we are taking the next step forward. We’ve build this App to connect directly with consumers across Nagpur & supply vegetables & fruits at their door step. Value4Buy is committed to assuring customers that their products have been grown and handled according to the highest possible standards in the marketplace.Value4Buy is a true family operation with the owners aspect of the business.Family members, along with long-term employees, create a genuine family atmosphere at the Office Therefore, the pride and ownership of each Value4Buy team member can be seen in their work everyday and is reflected in the quality of the product we produce.


Our mission is building ourselves into a brand that exudes trust and has won confidence of people of Nagpur and to take this app to other cities and to include items other than fruits and vegetables in the bucket. Our mission is to continue to work with same diligence and also to take care of people working with us.


We want to focus on providing best quality vegetables & fruits to our consumers & maintain clean work habits for safe and healthy work environment.Through our first-class service & consumer centric approach we want to make Value4buy a platform that occupies top mind space of every consumer who buys once from our platform.

  Our Values

We always want to be known for supplying best quality and safe to eat vegetables and fruits that are grown in good and healthy environment. At all times we want to be honest to our consumers, our suppliers and most importantly ourselves.  We believe our honest intentions and values is what will take us farther in life.

Mr. Vishant Meshram

Words from our Founder

“When a consumer uses Value4Buy platform to order fruits and vegetable we want their experience to be so good that they keep coming back to us. We not only want our clients to be happy with the quality of our products, we also want that they should enjoy the experience of buying from us.  We’ve designed Value4buy app to make ordering of vegetables & fruits super easy & convenient”We were looking for a gap in the market in our niche for a while and were fortunate to identify it sooner than expected. Value4buy app is a result of months of hard work. From identifying a problem to finding its solution in the form of an app, it has been a long journey with many lessons learnt.  We conceptualized and developed Value4buy app with an aim to touch lives of common people.Through this app we have taken the pleasure and convenience of   shopping fruits and vegetables to a different level for the common man & woman. The fact that with value4buy app even senior citizens, sick, and people with special needs can order vegetables and fruits online gives us immense satisfaction”.

About Our Team

Our team is experienced, dedicated, and cordial. We have divided our team into two parts. One, the team that works in office, answering your calls and resolving your issues and team 2 are on the field delivering your orders. Both teams are in sync and in constant communication amid themselves as well as customers.  The delivery executives are trained to be polite and cooperative. If you’re not happy with any of our veggies or fruits, you can return it within 2 hours and buy something else in exchange. Our delivery team will cooperate if you meet all the criteria.

About our Future Plans

The response to this app has been very encouraging. We’re winning trust and new recommendations from our clients every day.  We are already planning expansion. In the months to come we not only want to widen our product range but also our geographical reach. Over the months we’ve learnt that a happy customer is the best bet to drive more business and that’s what we as a team are focusing on. We are working hard to keeping both sides’ clients happy -our farmer brethren as well as our consumers.

About Our App

Value4Buy is available for a free download in Google play store and coming soon in App Store. The interface is very user-friendly. Images, rates, & other details are clearly mentioned with each item. Therefore even the first time buyer can place order for fruit and veggies without getting confused or stuck. It offers multiple payment gateways including COD.

Unique Features of the App

Currently Serves Within City Limits,Once consumer has placed the order via app, and order has been confirmed, it is responsibility of Value4buy team to deliver your order at committed time. No matter how big or small the order is, whether you live in the heart of the city or in the outskirts, as long as you live within Nagpur city limits, trust us to deliver your order.


Track Your Order via App

After you place your order & it has been confirmed you can track the order via app. You can communicate with the delivery executive if required to know his exact arrival time to make sure you’re at home to receive the order.


We are committed to supplying the marketplace with fruits and vegetables that are safe for consumption by our customers. We are committed to doing our part to ensure the security of our fruits and vegetables from the field to the store


Quality is Value 4 Buy number one goal. We are committed to embracing and employing total quality in every aspect of our business - in our employees, our operations, and our processes, to provide top quality products and services to our customers.